Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monsters & Mormons; Thirty Tales of Adventure and Terror, Edited by William Morris & Theric Jepson, review by mormonhermitmom

I waited quite a while to read this one because I had a hard time coming up with the money to buy it.  I even looked into maybe getting a Kindle or a Nook just so I could read it, but my cheapness finally won out.  This is a collection of short stories written by Mormons, about fictional Mormons in fantastic and bizarre situations.  I certainly can't review each and every story. However I will list my favorites.

Charity Never Faileth by Jaleta Clegg:  I read this one aloud to my children - hilarious!  The nightmare that is green Jell-O salad comes to life and nearly subdues three stalwart Relief Society sisters.  The book is worth buying just for this story alone.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself by Moriah Jovan:  This can be a mind-bender. Single members are called upon to slay demons, evil spirits, and other dark forces.  They have secret identities and kick-butt weapons. They write notes to each other in Reformed Egyptian.  If this is what it would be like to be a Mormon nun, sign me up.

Traitors and Tyrants by John Nakamura Remy and Galen Dara:  This is a comic book! And what's better, it's an alternate history/zombie slaying mashup.  Who gets to do the zombie slaying?  The wives of Erastus Walsh, all four of them.

Pirate Gold for Brother Brigham by Lee Allred:  Some old college buddies go out to the Great Salt Lake to record a ghost ship that one of them had seen on a prior dark, foggy night.  The mini-treatise on fry sauce is a treat.

Fangs of the Dragon by David J. West:  There's a monster in Bear Lake and Porter Rockwell has to investigate.  Better than Pecos Bill tales in my humble opinion.

Some of the stories are definitely PG with the occasional swear word and adult situation. I think most teens could handle it. Junior high students would benefit from parental involvement/discussion.  There was only one story that had enough of an "occult" feeling that it truly creeped me out.  I'm not generally a fan of the horror genre.  If it makes me start thinking scary things when it's time to go to bed, it's too much for me.  On the whole, I was very glad to have purchased the book.  The only truly disappointing thing was that the cover had an illustration of a pair of sister missionaries battling what looked to be giant squid or octopus, and there wasn't a story to go with it!  If the editors do another connection, I want my sister missionary story!

You can trace the beginnings of this collection at A Motley Vision.

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