Friday, August 24, 2012

mormonhermitmom's review of Seal Target Geronimo; The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden

You thought I had completely disappeared didn't you?  It's alright, I thought I had too. I certainly appreciate my brother Andy filling in during my prolonged absence. I'm not in his league as a literary critic.  I just say what I think and whether or not I like something.

Anyway, this work by a former SEAL doesn't just give you a brief play-by-play of the night Osama was captured.  There is a history of how the SEALS, and the Green Berets by the way, got started and the objectives of each.  (I thought Green Berets did what SEALS did, only on land instead of in the water. Not really. Green Berets train indigenous people to rise up and fight against oppressive regimes.  SEALS are the U.S. answer to the Ninja - they don't deal with politics, they take out enemies quickly and quietly.)

Pfarrer relates past SEAL missions in Vietnam and other places to give the reader a look at how they work before the Geronimo mission.  Pfarrer has the uneviable job of telling a compelling story without revealing too many secrets about SEAL methods, equipment, and structure.  To be truly effective, SEALs can't allow enemies to know just how dangerous they are.  It certainly didn't help when VP Biden let slip that it was a SEAL team that got Osama.  Before he blabbed, all the President said was that "a group of Americans" got him. 

As bad as unintentional leaks are from elected officials, what is even more heinous is what they DON'T say.  Remember when after 9/11 the Bush administration kept saying that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that could get into the hands of Al Qaeda?  And then no nuclear weapons were found before or after the U.S. invaded?  What the Bush administration wouldn't say later and what the Obama administration hasn't said, according to Pfarrer, is that chemical weapons of mass destruction were there and that Al Qaeda got hold of some and tried to use them in improvised explosive devices against U.S. troops and native civilians.  Only the apparent ineptness of their bomb "experts" prevented them from detonating properly.  None of the chemical weapons were mentioned in the U.S. media until the Wikileaks scandal. 

Now why shouldn't we know about these chemical weapons?  It makes dismantling Al Qaeda and recovering such weapons even more important, doesn't it?  Do we really want to have these things show up in American cities? Disturbing.

There are only a few swear words in this book, no nudity or sexual situations. Teenagers would be able to handle the content but may not be interested.  Discussion on the proper role of government, use of the military and such topics would prove beneficial.

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