Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mormonhermitmom's review of The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

I finally jumped on the bandwagon. After hearing nothing but praise for it, I decided to plunk down some cash for it since I knew I would be waiting forever for it to return to the library.

Some have said if you have to choose between The Help and To Kill A Mockingbird, The Help would be the better book. I don't think I can say The Help is "better" or "more important" than To Kill A Mockingbird. They both address racial prejudice in America, although at different times in our nation's history. I think they would present an interesting pair of books read together.

Although both The Help and To Kill A Mockingbird are works of fiction, they provide a window into how racial prejudice impacts our society. They both show how hard it is for people to change, or how hard people resist change. They both show how hard it is for good people to stand up for just principles. They both show that good people have flaws just like anybody else, and sometimes they have to face the darker part of themselves when put to the test. They both show that there is significant personal risk to standing up to evil.

For parents, I would recommend this book for teens. There is some swearing, some domestic violence, and a naked pervert makes a brief entrance but he gets beat up by the very women that he accosts, so parents should actively discuss with their teens proper behavior along with the difficult topic of prejudice within our society. I don't really know why the author felt the naked, drunk homeless guy had to be in there. I think it was unnecessary myself, but there you are.

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