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mormonhermitmom's review of The Jaguar Prophecies, by Phyllis Gunderson

The Jaguar PropheciesThe Jaguar Prophecies by Phyllis Gunderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dr. Howard flies to Chichen Itsa to see a tourist attraction and ends up drugged, tattooed, and charged with warning America about the impending destruction about to overtake America somewhere around 2012, we aren't sure exactly. She wasn't supposed to be there. The original invitation was supposed to go to astronomer Dr. Hovard.

Dr. Howard is a middle aged archeology professor who hated her given name Mathilda and legally changed it to Matt. She has an adopted daughter from China who is not only going through teenaged mood swings but is also wanting to find her birth mother.

Dr. Howard tries to ignore her supernaturally imposed task as a messenger of doom but she constantly finds herself a magnet for people who have information that backs up the prophecy she was given in Mexico. She finally gives in to the task after a Chinese fortune teller gives her a detailed to do list on how to finish it.

We don't actually get to the impending disaster in the book. It's basically a work of fiction that tries to persuade you to get your food storage squared away. I'm okay with that. I'm working on it. It takes a while to warm up to Dr. Howard - she's a bit moody and cranky herself - but she grew on me as the character is very down to earth and seriously flawed, just like me.

It was a good quick read - could've been better, could've been worse. There is one scene of Aztec human sacrifice but thankfully it's not heavy on the gory details. Parents may have to make mention of old Aztec practices and encourage their kids to NEVER go to a foreign country alone. Other than that, a mild PG read.

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