Monday, December 20, 2010

The Official Underground 2012 Doomsday Survival Handbook, Compiled by W. H. Mumfrey

I'm a little chagrined that I put down good coin for this one. I was on Amazon, buying a Juvenile Lit selection for my teenager for Christmas and I thought, "I need something for myself" and this looked a bit tongue-in-cheek, so I got it.

Well, it is tongue-firmly-in-cheek. If you really want a bona fide "survival manual" this is not the book to read. Mumfrey reviews many prior predictions about the end of the world that didn't pan out and explains a little about the whole Maya 2012 calendar that will end on December 21st of that year. He says just because the predictions haven't come true yet doesn't necessarily mean that mankind is safe.

Mumfrey then lists several possible doomsday scenarios and strategies for creating a new society - all based on past Hollywood end-of-the-world movies. If you've seen enough of these films, you'll have already digested enough of the largest portion of this work without picking it up.

If you want a conversation starter to get a bunch of sci-fi/zombie fans buzzing, go ahead and get it. Otherwise, you'll probably be better entertained signing up for Netflix and renting every disaster/doomsday movie there ever was.

(One word of caution: Mumfrey pegs members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in his book specifically as possible looting victims because of their habit of stockpiling food and other necessary supplies in an emergency. Mormons better make sure they have a two year supply of guns and ammunition, because the cat is out of the bag. At the first sign of disaster, those lawless, unconscionable hordes will be coming for you.)

Parents should be aware there is some profanity, mention of cannibalism, multiple sexual partners, endorsement of looting/raiding/destruction and other anarchic ideas. Yes the book is supposed to be just a gag, but you know how teenagers can get.

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