Monday, July 5, 2010

Children of the Lamp Series Book Two: The Blue Djinn of Babylon, by P.B. Kerr

Phillipa Gaunt, a djinn, or genie, has been kidnapped by the supreme djinn on the planet. Ayesha, the Blue Djinn of Babylon, is dying and must find a successor to take over her responsibilities. Unfortunately, being the head djinn means having logic rule your life, and the relationships you once had with your family suffer terribly for it. Phillipa's brother John embarks on a quest to save his sister from her seemingly unavoidable fate, while their Uncle Nimrod tries to find a suitable successor to be the next Blue Djinn.

Great action. The perils remind me of the old Sinbad movies - plenty of mysterious and dangerous creatures - and magical foes to boot. Good stuff.

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