Monday, May 10, 2010

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions, by Becca Wilhite

I know. I KNOW! Another romance. I'm not doing it for me really. It's my teenage daughter. She loves romances and I feel compelled to read, or attempt to read, what she does to keep tabs on how many rippling pectorals she's exposed to.

Thankfully, this book doesn't have rippling pectorals. Well, maybe it does, but I wouldn't know because they are modestly covered with shirts. Phew!

To sum up: Sarah is off to college, as fast as Mom and Dad can drive her there so they can catch their plane and a long planned vacation. Sarah tells us in her own words about her college experience, including in the tour where the hunky T.A.s and soda shop goys are. She meets Adonis, oh excuse me, Ben in Art appreciation. It starts as a study group and blossoms into singing and playing guitar together, and hanging out, and walking, and so on. Unfortunately, Sarah has issues. A humiliating episode in high school shattered her confidence and she just can't believe Ben really wants to hang out with her for real.

It's not "an LDS novel", particularly. There is really no mention of religion albeit certain alumni from a certain university in Utah (which shall remain nameless) might find the atmosphere of the book familiar. There is mention of some roomates engaged in makeout sessions, the details of which are spared the reader. For the most part, it's a clean book. No outright swearing, no plunging necklines, no bulging biceps. Of course, it wouldn't be a romance without "THE FIRST KISS". It's in there with the weak knees, etc. etc. but still not outside the bounds of decency.

I must say there were some rather funny moments, at Sarah's expense, that had me rolling. If Ben is Sarah's boyfriend, Murphy is her secret admirer. I really felt for the kid at times. (And yes I'm old enough now to call college students "kids".)

There. Glad I'm past that stage, frankly, but if your teenaged girl is still in the throes, here you go.

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