Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky, by Andrea Boeshaar

I've heard, from the woman who loaned this book to me, that it's part of a series of Christian romances, each with a different town as the backdrop. My older daughter got it off my desk before I could read it. I was a little concerned at first, but now that I've read it, I believe it's safe for teenagers to read. No worries.

Meg Jorgenson, a young twenty-something teacher gets fed up with her loser live-in boyfriend and her frustrating job in Chicago. Her grandmother, Loretta, offers a place to stay and a lead on a teaching job at a private school in her small Kentucky town. Landing the job, Meg embarks on a new life in a small town, the life her divorced mother so many years ago wanted to get away from. All Meg knows is what her mother lived; a long series of failed relationships, some abusive, most depressing, moving from boyfriend to boyfriend, town to town. Meg feels that life has given her nothing and wants to try to reach out to the family members she hardly new growing up.

Meg has a lot of trust issues. She has to learn how to trust others and herself to try to find the happiness she has been missing. In the process, she also tries to find what it is in religion that inspires her grandmother to endure trials with grace.

One of her new third grade students, Cammy, is also looking for a happiness she's been missing. She and her mother were involved in a car wreck that took her mother's life and put Cammy in a wheelchair. Hoping to get her father Vance interested in Meg, Cammy starts working on both of them in not so subtle ways. Unfortunately, another new teacher at the school wants Meg for himself, and not in a good way. Misunderstandings abound and often have Meg and Vance wondering if their eventual attraction will work into something real, or each is too damaged by the past to really commit to someone.

It's definitely a "Christian fiction" book, but the religious elements aren't heavy handed and aren't specific to any particular sect. The romantic scenes were clean; just simple kisses, nothing overly passionate or all consuming. There were plenty of happy endings, which may seem to some to be too easy but if all you're looking for is a light read without blushing, it's a decent story.

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