Monday, April 5, 2010

The Apostle, by Brad Thor

Book 12 of My Old Man's Challenge.

This is another installment in the Scott Harvath series. No longer a Secret Service agent, but a "security expert for hire", Scott finds himself tracking the kidnapped daughter of a media tycoon who is in tight with the current President of the United States. The demanded ransom for Julia Gallo's life is a high level Al-Qaeda operative held captive by the Afghan government awaiting trial. The President doesn't want to do the trade - "no negotiating with terrorists" is the official policy after all. But Gallo's mother has other ideas.

Harvath uses former contacts and associates in Afghanistan to plan a jail break, but has doubts as to whether his conscience will allow him to let a terrorist go.

I think The Apostle is much better written than The Lions of Lucerne. Scott Harvath's character isn't so shallow, the plot devices more believable, and the action scenes better thought out. Parents should be aware there are sexual innuendos, profanity (including F-bombs), and violence, which may preclude younger readers. This book is probably more of a draw with male readers.

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