Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Run of the Arrow, by Michael Rutter

Book 10 of My Old Man's Challenge.

This is a mountain man story. Wolf Rockwell is a teenage mountain man hauling back furs to the Salt Lake Valley to sell to the Mormon settlers who want them for winter coats. Unfortunately, he runs into some Crow warriors, gets captured, and then has one chance to run away in a manhunt called the run of the arrow.

What would you do if you were given a brief headstart with no shoes, no jacket, no weapons, no food, and nothing with which to build a fire out in the wilderness? A daunting challenge at best; there's plenty of obstacles and close calls, in short, everything for a good mountain man story. Outdoor loving boys would probably like the book, girls, not so much, although I liked those kinds of stories when I was young. But then I wasn't a typical girl.

It was quick and to the point and nothing too embarrassing. Not bad at all.

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