Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My old man threw down a gauntlet.

I perused my 2009 list of books I read and they totaled 49. I know there was one other book I didn't review because it was so awful I wanted to forget all about it, so I guess I actually read 50.

I get my reading habit from my Dad. He'll just grab something in the grocery store checkout line, or snag something from the book section at whatever store. I've never known him to purposely go to a bookstore, but then I could be wrong.

I visited my folks last weekend and my mother was up in arms over the stack of books my dad had piled up by his La-Z-boy. He proceeded to pile the ones he had finished reading into the trunk of my car. Now that I am home, I count 39 books. Before I left my folks' place, he said to my mom, "It'll be interesting to see how long it takes her to get through those."

Hm. It took me most of a year to get through that many last year and I wasn't half so busy then than I am now. So yes, it'll be interesting to see. I am a quick reader, but I don't know....not that I'm one to back off from an intriquing challenge.

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