Monday, March 8, 2010

Divine Justice, by David Baldacci

Book 3 of My Old Man's Challenge

I'll be surprised if some Hollywood producer doesn't make a movie out of this one. there is actually a book that comes before this, don't know that title, but this story can stand on it's own.

John Carr, aka "Oliver Stone", assassinates two important U.S. government officials who orchestrated the murder of his wife and daughter. After years of doing such "work" professionally for the CIA, he wants out once and for all. Now on the run, with the alias "Ben", he gets mixed up with the seedy underworkings of a small mining town in Virginia. Apparently no good deed goes unpunished, because the people he tries to help become the victims of beatings, kidnappings, bombs, and car accidents. While John is trying to figure out why the little town of Divine has so many problems, his friends, calling themselves "The Camel Club", are trying to find him before CIA investigator Knox does. Knox, close to retirement himself, discovers bits and pieces about Carr that suggest Carr DID have a good reason for killing the two high ranking officials, but his boss, Macklin Hayes, is riding Knox hard to bring Carr in. One's definition of "justice" is stretched to the limit.

The story was fast-paced, mentally challenging, and had plenty of action. Parents should be warned that there is profanity, torture, a brief sex scene, alcohol consumption and prescription drug use. It would probably rank a PG-13 as a movie. Older teens might be able to handle it with discussions of vigilantism, drug use, the importance of holding elected officials accountable, and personal integrity.

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