Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arguing with Idiots, by Glenn Beck

Book 1 of My Old Man's challenge.

Positives: I love the graphics. And I thought his A.D.D. moments were hilarious.
Negatives: I've heard it all before. No liberal will be swayed by his arguments and no conservative has the guts to do what he is suggesting.

Glenn Beck puts a lot of the material from his radio show into print here. If you dislike him, or hate his guts, it's just going to annoy you. If you like him, or love him, you'll want to have this book at your beck and call. Yes, I punned on purpose.

He addresses, among other things, the healthcare debate, gun control, what the Constitution actually means (according to him), home ownership; lovely hot-button issues that have been in the news the last year or two in the United States. He treats Democrats and Republicans with more or less equal distate. He paints Progressivism and Socialism as fraternal twins; they may look different, but they come from the same source. He isn't above thinly veiled personal attacks (I won't say against whom, because that would be gossip, and if you really want to know the dirt, you can go to the horse's mouth).

Do I agree with what he's saying? For the most part. I also feel that politicians of all colors have taken away precious rights in exchange for power and riches. Glenn Beck seems to be the embarrassing uncle of the extreme right; he's right, but he doesn't know how to be tactful about it. I don't think he should be more politically correct, I think he should try to sound more like a rational person. But sounding rational probably doesn't sell many books, does it?

So whether you want to laugh at the "idiots" or laugh at Mr. Beck's way of arguing with them, I think he'd agree with me in saying, "you are free to choose for yourself" whether or not you want to buy it.

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