Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Ani never woke up after she was born for three days until someone came.
Her mom's sister came and she was wide-eyed when she saw her aunt. Ani can speak bird and horse, but after she was sixteen she was sent to
marry the first born prince in Bayern. While they were traveling, Sila, Ani's lady-in waiting, wants to be the Crown Princess and she is a people-speaking person. But when she runs away from the evil men who is on Selia's side she finds a cottage and says Hello. Then she faints and is taken care of, and she gets a job as a goose girl and works. She sees a pasture and a horse that looks like her horse but she sees a man riding it and then she breaks that and his name is Geric and she tells him her name from her grandma and she gets stabbed in the back twice and she falls in love with
Geric and is surprised to find out he is the one to marry.

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