Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Counterfeit, by Robison Wells

Another LDS novel. I'm blaming it on the new local book club.

This story at least has a little action in it to add to the clean romance between the hero and the heroine. The Counterfeit is actually part of a series. I don't think you need to read the first book to enjoy this one. Mr. Wells recaps the prior book briefly, but succinctly, enough that you get the backstory without too much bother.

Two college kids, Eric and Rebekah, are still recovering from a nightmare chase from terrorists and are trying to get back to a normal life, albeit with FBI agents tailing them should said terrorists try to assassinate them. Eric is stabbed, lucky that book was in his jacket pocket, on the way to a concert where Rebekah is scheduled to play. An agent saves Eric but the assassin gets away. Rebekah is pulled from the concert and the two are flown to a remote location. They have no way to contact their families, they have to assume new identities, and "lay low" while waiting to testify at the trial of the bad guy from the prior story.

Their relationship develops to the point that Eric proposes. Rebekah tells him she needs time to think about it, and then the little moped he has been riding blows up in her face. In the hospital, her mysterious father shows up. Rebekah's father is a suspected terrorist himself. Not trusting the FBI, her father finds a way to get Rebekah and Eric out of FBI custody and over to one of his mansions in England. From there Rebekah tries to figure out whether or not her father is a criminal.

Their search turns into yet another attempt to escape assassins.

I won't go further into the chase. There are references to the Illuminati (them again?) and secret scrabble toys and lost rooms under Paris. You could say the book is a tamer, not quite as intelligent, mix of The Da Vinci Code and The Fugitive with an LDS flavor.

There is murder and violence enough for a PG rating. The action keeps the romance from getting too sticky.

It was okay. It wasn't interesting enough to get me to read the earlier book, but I hate coming in the middle of a series anyway. If that happens, a book has to keep me up at night to want to go back and read first books.

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