Monday, November 2, 2009

Going on a brief sabbatical

I haven't read a book in a week. I'm trying to prepare for a move across two states, and I know if I start reading a book now, I'm going to be in serious trouble when it's time to load the moving truck.

Ironically, the books are usually among the first things I pack. Let's face it; my personal library sits for much of the time, because I'm looking for something new. The library is mostly the books that I haven't decided whether I can live without them, or I know I definitely can't live without them, or they were gifts and even though I would love to regift them, I don't dare. I know I should be more ruthless, but I do hang on to books a long time before they I make them leave (they usually have to fall apart first).

There is a review coming up in a week or so, but I've long since read the book and I'm just waiting my turn on the blog tour, so that post is scheduled and ready to go without further input from me.

I wonder what will be the first book I read when I get to the new place? What will the library look like? What will my new library card look like? Will they have a good children's section? Will I have to have everything I read brought in on interlibrary loan, or will everything I want be right there? You know you're settled in a new place when you can finally take the time to get to the library and come home and cozy up to a new book in your new place. I can't wait.

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