Friday, October 16, 2009

The Pioneers; A Course in Miracles, by Shirley Bahlmann

I won this book in a blog giveaway, lucky me! It's a slim little collection of LDS pioneer stories and some of the miraculous events that happened to them. Culled from many family histories and rewritten to sound more like a fictional short story, these events point us to the little miracles in our own lives.

It's a nice little book where every chapter is its own story. You don't have to read it right through and you shouldn't because then it's over too fast. It reminded me that there are some choice stories in our own family histories that my kids should hear about.

I think my favorite chapter in this collection was "Bread Alone". A little family is separated from the husband/father for three years while he fulfills a three year mission call. The mom must take care of three kids and do odd jobs to keep the family afloat while he is gone. When he comes home, they discover a miracle happened right under their noses and they hadn't realized it until much later. It made me cry.

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