Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Case Against Barack Obama, by David Freddoso

Last election, (has it been nearly a year already?) there were lots of books at the local library that were written by Obama or praised Obama. I never saw this book in there until just recently. So it's definitely too late. But...

I read it anyway. Essentially, Freddoso takes what Obama says in Audacity of Hope and then digs in Chicago newspaper archives to verify the truth of his statements. Okay there's more than Chicago newspapers.

Long story short: Obama's "change" is looking a lot like "business as usual".

No big surprise. The title declares Freddoso's viewpoint right off. Freddoso includes an extensive section in the back of the book where he lists his sources. Someone who doesn't want to invite verification doesn't do that.

I'm a bit tired with this political run I've been on. I gotta find a nice escapist book to get rid of the residue from all the crap I've been reading about.

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