Saturday, July 11, 2009

Graphic Universe by Lernerbooks

My kids love these books. They always grab two or three from the library when we go.

Using traditional comic book style and research from primary and solid secondary sources for the basis of their drawings, the various authors/illustrators interpret afresh many myths and legends that have endured through the centuries. Besides Greek myths, there are stories of King Arthur, William Tell, Thor and Loki, Isis and Osiris, Guan Yu and many more from South America, Japan, and China that many Western children may not have heard of before.

I love the detail of the drawings, although just to be fair, some of the women are tightly clad so review and decide for yourself if you want your kids to see them. I make it a point to let my children know "okay, this is an example of immodest clothing, and this is an example of modest clothing," etc.

Overall, I think this series is a good way to introduce kids to ancient stories. If you want to see the whole list of books in the series, click here.

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