Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm snowed under

I was looking at two toilet training books and they got returned to the library before I could get the titles down. So I'll just sum up. If you have a newborn, try letting the kid pee in the potty (you are holding them over it at the time). When they do go, say pssst, and by the time he/she is a toddler, you'll have the Pavlovian reflex instilled and you can train them easier. Wish I had known about that before. Sounds crazy? Okay, what about the third world countries where disposable diapers are unknown/expensive? Google "elimination communication" and you'll find support groups that work with their babies this way.

My kids are now signed up for the summer reading program at our local library and I'm in the throes of reading more to my toddler so he (okay, let's be real), I can fill in the boxes so he can get a prize. I've already found my 12 year old bringing home questionable material in the form of graphic novels. You have to be vigilant. The libraries don't really care what they stock, don't monitor what kids read/check out, and so if you don't want your kids looking at beyond bulbous boobs in tight spandex pretending to be superheroes, be on your guard. I'll post some graphic novels that are appropriate here when I see them.

For myself, I'm wrestling with the desire to read a book for myself, the guilt that I feel that I haven't done any spring cleaning yet, and the weird feeling that ensues when your husband applies for a job and hears back from them but hasn't gotten word whether or not he has been hired resulting in a move. Let's say I don't want to start spring cleaning too early. I mean it's easier to clean with everything out of the room and in boxes right?

Now that I have digressed well beyond the scope of this blog, let me invite you to feel free to put in the comments what you are currently reading. Even if you are just passing through, tag me! Thanks


  1. Is the book the Diaper Free Baby or Infant Potty Training? There are others too, and DVD's.

    I run a website on EC too: it's a bit more cooperative than pavlovian, otherwise if it were that easy I doubt the knowledge would have been so nearly forgotten with the advent of the disposable diaper!

    Charndra (just passing through, found your blog!)

  2. Diaper Free Baby! That was one of them.
    Yes Pavlovian is probably a little inaccurate but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I was reading about elimination communication. Thank you Charndra for the clarification.


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