Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Squids will be Squids; Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables by Scieszka/Smith

This is another "modern twist" of old tales book. This time they parody Aesop's fables. You know. The guy that thought up the story about a crow wanting a drink of water out of a jar but couldn't get to it, so he dropped pebbles in the jar until he could reach a little of the water kind of story. Out of the box thinking but sometimes not a moral per se.

John Scieszka and Jon Smith have put together new tales that seem to have a moral, but when it comes time for "and the moral of the story is..." they throw something off the wall at you. I think my favorite one is "Grasshopper Logic." A little grasshopper comes home after school, and later his mom asks if he has homework to do, and yes he does. It's an impossibly complicated assignment that will require weeks of work and mom says, "How long have you known about this assignment?" (Yes I have asked my kids the SAME THING on occasion. It's a total set up question to let the kid know they are in deep doodoo.)

The kid says, "I don't know..." (And you can imagine what a mom's response might be.)

So the moms reading this story might think that the moral of the story is to "Tell Mom about big homework assignments as soon as you know about them, or at least, work on them yourselves to begin with and not let it wait until the last minute."

But it isn't.

And I'm not going to tell you.

You'll have to read the book to find out.

If you'd like some ideas on things to do with your kids when you read this book to them, or if you catch them reading it under their bedsheets with flashlights when they should be sleeping, go to Scholastic here.

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