Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories by Mark Twain, Edited by Shelley Fisher Fishkin

This is part of The Oxford Mark Twain series. They took a first edition copy of the original book, copied it nicely and added all sorts of forwards, afterwards, and scholarly notes; interesting for those who want to get some background on the author, but dry if all you want to do is read the book.

Mark Twain, alias Samuel Clemens (strike that, reverse it), wrote magazine articles and short stories as well as his more famous novels, of which The $30,000 Bequest is one. This collection includes some very thought provoking tales such as A Dog's Tale, Was it Heaven? or Hell?, Does the Race of Man Love a Lord? and Eve's Diary. My choices for a brief humorous escape: A Telephonic Conversation, Italian with Grammar, General Washington's Negro Body-Servant, Wit Inspirations of the "Two-Year-Olds", A Humane Word from Satan, Advice to Little Girls, and The Danger of Lying in Bed.

I can't really pin down a favorite, there were so many. I may have to read Huckleberry Finn again though. I don't think I appreciated it enough in high school.

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