Monday, February 2, 2009

Bugs in my Hair?, by Catherine Stier, Illus. by Tammie Lyon

After recently going through THIS, Bugs In My Hair was actually fun to read. It was certainly more fun to read than the Center for Disease Control's webpage on the topic of ....head lice. Ew. I know.

If you have never experienced head lice as a child, you are so lucky. I was one of those lucky people. The first time my kids had it, I admit, I panicked. And my panic got the kids panicked too. I wish this book had been around that first time. The kids would have had something to look at while I picked and picked and picked away.

The illustrations are wonderful. I don't necessarily like a children's book that looks like a child drew it. I can do that, so why would I bother with the library or buying my kids books at Christmas? Ms. Lyon has skill and talent and the pictures are fun to look at, not a chore. Considering the subject matter, and I don't do that too often because then the skin just crawls until I get someone to check me, these women have done a fantastic job dealing with an embarrassing, annoying subject. So to Catherine and Tammie, Thank You!

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