Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Many Books, So Little Time


I'm mormonhermitmom, and I'm a bibliophile. I tend to read fantasy, science fiction, general fiction the most, but I'm game for a good history, autobiography, etc. I admit I even read as many of my children's selections from the library. (Some are just brilliant). I'm not into horror/suspense, bodice-ripping romances, or dry technical manuals unless I'm trying to assemble something all by myself. I am pretty open minded about what I read, however I don't intentionally go looking for books that have gratuitous sex, foul language, and the glorification of cruelty or violence as major themes.

I believe in the right of free speech, but I also believe that those who avail themselves of that right express their beliefs with respect for others. If I don't hold myself to this standard, please call me on it, because sometimes my righteous indignation grabs me by the jugular and then my eyes blur.

I'll post my thoughts about what I read as I go. I'll also strong-arm, er, persuade my children to post their thoughts about the books they really like and why. If you have a suggestion for a good read, or your child does, somewhat similar to the titles I post here, Please! leave a comment. I'm always looking for the next book.

It's an addiction and not something I'll want therapy for anytime soon.

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