Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make Way For Dumb Bunnies by Dav Pilkey

My three year old son loves the Dumb Bunnies. I'm not sure if it's the pictures or the silliness or how the bunnies are drawn, or if it's just the fact he can say, "dumb". Whatever the reason, he always grabs one of these from the library when he sees one.

I like that this book encourages my son to sit with me to read. I like the gags. I always appreciate a good pun. I'm not so hot on the outfits, but hey, they are dumb bunnies. Mommy bunny frightens my husband to death (shudder). I think Papa Bunny's y-fronts are more so.

For more info on the Dumb Bunny books and other books by the author, here's your link.

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  1. Ok so when does an English teacher have time to read books? Answer: NEVER! But many of these books you have listed are very popular with my middle school students. I have read a lot of book reports on them so I lose interest in reading them. I swear if another person says, "Belle," or "Edward," or "Twilight" I'm gonna puke.

    So, in order to get some reading done for myself, I scheduled reading in groups during class. The 9th graders are reading Romeo and Juliet. The names they use to describe Romeo are, "Pimp, fag, Wuss," and some other spanish words I don't know.

    The 8th graders are reading "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor. We are only about 60 pages in, but it is about a football town in Tangerine county Florida who is victim to afternoon lightning storms. Recently one kid was killed by lightning. The kids hated it at first, but as I explain what is going on in both stories, they are starting to show more interest in them.


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