Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

Yes I am done with the third book; it wouldn't let me go until it was finished.'s not finished. Apparently this book is just the end of the first trilogy. That's right, there will be more and who knows how many more books it will take to finish off Galbitorix.

That's good and bad. Good that the story can continue, bad that I can't devote any more time worrying about what happens next.

Brisingr begins with Eragon in need of a weapon. His encounter with Murtagh and Thorn ended better than it could have but resulted in Murtagh taking the sword Brom had given to Eragon before he died. There is also the problem of the dwarves needing to elect a new king now that Hrothgar is dead; will the dwarves elect someone who will help the Varden, or keep the dwarves out of the affairs of the Varden struggles? The Varden must also choose whether to keep defending themselves in Surda, or take the offensive and invade the Empire. And on top of all that, remiscint of Luke Skywalker's path, can Eragon make it back to the elves to further his Rider training or will circumstances keep him away from Oromis and Glaedr?

I expect it will be a while before the next book comes out, but in the meantime, I have to get this boxed set back to my friend. I don't think she has read Brisingr yet and she is probably just a little anxious to read it.

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